Order custom made – It is customary for balding men not to have identical size heads and hair patterns nor do they all experience similar male baldness patterns. Therefore, in order to obtain a hair piece that will fit and look natural, most choose a custom-made hair piece. Custom hairpieces are designed to fit perfectly.

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Various base textures –Sizes-Color available. A stock hair system can be delivered to your hand in a week or two. All our stock hair replacement systems are also 100% hand-made, with 100% human hair.

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Existing Hair Replacement wearer?

We also provide a service to those who are already wearing a hair system by allowing you to purchase your hair system online, ideal for those who are unable to travel or live too far away. We are so confident that we can replicate your existing hair system from your current hair replacement suppliers.

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If you're in need of a full cap hair piece or wig, we can make any of our custom hair systems into a full cap. Suitable for chemotherapy-cancer patients or any other medical issue who suffer severe hair loss

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Our Recommendation

Poly with French Lace
Poly with French Lace

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Men Stocking Cap
Men Stocking Cap

Breathable-Sport Fabric-Fit all head size and will last long time.

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Wig Cap
Wig Cap

Ventilated Wig Cap ideal to protect your hair before putting on your Full Wig. Also used as sleeping cap to protect your wig.

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French Lace Base with Medium Light Hair Destiny (1# Jet black)
French Lace Base with Medium Light Hair Destiny (1# Jet black)

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  1. Salim Khan - Pakistan

  2. Nuya

  3. Ajit, Nepal

  4. Mie, Kedah

  5. Amran, Pakistan

  6. Chew, Singapore

  7. Imran Khan, Pakistan

  8. Irwin, Jakarta

  9. Farid , Johor

  10. Boyce, Cheras

  11. Ghazi, Singapore

  12. Lucas, Sarawak

  13. Prema, Damansara Utama, KL

  14. Dr, Damansara, KL

  15. Sharul, Shah Alam

  16. Yeoh, Ipoh

  17. Liew, Seremban

  18. Efsahan, Mauritius

  19. Pathla, Johor

  20. Yayaha, Penang

  21. Kumar, Klang

  22. Rebeca, Melaka

  23. Saroja, Banglore

  24. Simon, Penang

  25. Fazli, Johor

  26. Wong, Sri Petaling, KL

  27. Low, Ipoh (cancer patience)

  28. Dr.Tina-Klang

  29. Danny – Sarawak

  30. Nizam, Johor

  31. Amir, Bentong

  32. Chong, Puchong

  33. Yazid - Terenganu

  34. Suchart-Thailand

  35. Rizal- Singapore

  36. Halim - Kajang, Selangor

  37. Faruk Khan - UK

  38. Eddy - Sarawak

  39. Kashif-Pakistan

  40. Faizal-Seremban

  41. Piero, Italy

  42. Zul, Kuala Lumpur

  43. Faizan, Abu Dhabi

  44. Usman, Pakistan

  45. Shehzad- Mumbai -India

  46. Omar - Iran

  47. Halim - Seremban

  48. Aqil - Jakarta

  49. Bassam – Bahrain-UAE

  50. Azri - Johor

  51. Faheem-Jeddah-Arab

  52. Yusri-Johor

  53. Sameer-Jordan

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