Your choice will depend on how you want to wear your hair replacement, the base you choose and your lifestyle.

Daily wear: If you want to take off your new hair everyday, you'll need medical grade tape. This is the most popular choice, especially if you want to clean and reattach your hair replacement yourself. It's easy and cost-effective, and we show you how.

Extended wear: To wear your hair replacement for more than 1 week/up to 4 weeks, you need medical grade liquid adhesive or medical grade strong tape. We can advise. Because attaching your hair with liquid adhesive is tricky, many clients come to us to have hair serviced and rebounded, but we can also show you how to do this yourself.

Weaving technique : Hairsetup offer weaving technique attached to your own growing hair. Find out more by email or calling us.

We guarantee our custom hair replacement

Because you depend on our hair products every day, we never take your trust for granted. We therefore guarantee all our hair replacement products.

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

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