(Revised 2017 …) Approximate time between your order and delivery

  • Custom-made – approximately 2-3 months – working days
  • The above times to delivery are estimates only. While we make every effort to deliver within the estimated time, there may be occasional delays.
  • Rush jobs (surcharge applicable) can be completed approximately 1 month earlier than the guide times given above. The surcharge is refunded if the delivery time exceeds our estimate.

Hairsetup custom hairpieces and wigs are not mass-produced by machine. Each piece is painstakingly hand made by artisans. Please watch video demo custom made hair system Because of our stringent quality control measures, anything that does not meet specifications is rejected and will be re-done. While this might result in delay, we do not sacrifice quality for expediency. Frequently, we complete a job well ahead of our estimated time; it depends on the time of the year.

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