Fine Mono with Thin Skin and Lace Front Stock Hairpieces for Men

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HS03  stock  hairpieces are made with fine mono top, skin perimeter and French lace front with an undetectable transitional hairline. The composite base of this men’s hair piece is a cut away, so you can easily resize it. The fine mono top is much more durable than French lace base but also breathable, and this hair piece toupee has a base that is easy to clean and attach. These hair pieces for men can also be parted in any direction because the hair is free style. The base size of these men’s hairpieces is 8"x10" which can be cut smaller prior to shipment. Cut in service available. Please read our policy under ‘Payment” section.

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Hair Cut

Cut to Size

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 Base Design Fine mono with super thin skin perimeter and lace front- Durable – Breathable
 Base Size

8"x10" (can cut into various sizes)  

  Base Material Color  Flesh
Colors Available #1, #1A, #1B, #1B10, #1B20, #1B40, #2, #210, #220, #240, #3, #310, #320, #340, #4, #410, #420, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
 Hair Length  6"
 Hair Density  Medium Light 
  Hair Type  Human hair
 Curl & Wave  Slight wave - Freestye

French Lace toupees are always our hot selling products, lace is a durable base for men’s toupee and it also with good breathable. The size of lace toupee is big to cut away, really “one fit all”. There are few differences between Swiss lace and French lace. French lace is a little harder than Swiss lace, and the hair density of French lace toupee is 100% while Swiss lace toupee is 90%

Soft, feather light, breathable, durable, bleach knots on top and front makes undetectable  front hairline and top view, natural looking and beautiful appearance, transparent thin skin  on sides and back make it easy to attach and clean.

Delivery 1-2 weeks working day. Excluding public holiday.

If you want us to cut base to your  size, trim-cut hair length , styling  or make any alteration to readymade stock system before shipment, it cannot be returned for a refund. Please read our policy under ‘Payment” section.

Please cut the excess lace before you attach the hairpiece to your head. If you want to cut extra lace front, We charge RM15 each.

If this stock hairpiece doesn't meet your needs, you are welcome to customize it by CLICKING HERE 

Hair color chart 

The hair color pictures are only for reference. Please be aware there might be color differences due to different monitors or screens.


Hair Cut-in service

Hairsetup provides hair cut-in service. 

Cut in service and style RM150. Need extra 4 working days.

You must understand that once a hairpiece is cut, it is not returnable under any conditions, even if we are the ones who cut it. If you have any complaints, they should be addressed before it is cut. We do not guarantee you will be satisfied with the cut, even though we feel that we do an excellent job.

Send us the pictures of  the hair style you want us to cut. Please read our Cut in service policy. Here is some photos of the hair style:


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