Leave In Conditioner Spray For Wig-Toupee

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    Hairsetup's exclusive formula features Vitamin A, promoting healthier, stronger and more vibrant hair. TRIPLE ACTION MOISTURIZING -CONDITIONER- VITAMIN
    The owner and developer of Hairsetup is a user, too. We have a personal interest in the quality and usefulness of our product.
    Our product offers superior restorative properties. Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, Hairsetup Leave In Conditioner will provide moisture and conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair.
    We feature only the highest quality ingredients for the highest quality results. You deserve nothing less.
    Easy to use, because Luxury means a life of ease

Hairsetup Luxury Leave In Conditioner For Wigs Specially formulated to restore dry and damaged hair from the very first use . Promotes body and volume for a fresh and vibrant look you'll instantly fall in love with. Helps detangle by working with your hair, not against it . Simply spray onto your wig, comb through to spread evenly, and leave in your desired style. Designed for daily use without the risk of damaging hair . Hairsetup Luxury Leave in Conditioner For Wigs has been specially formulated to give your hair the expert touch it deserves. With a unique triple action that moisturizes, conditions, and nourishes hair, it contains everything you need to dramatically extend the lifespan of any hairpiece. Perfect for when nothing but the finer things in life will do. Instructions For Use Hairsetup Luxury Leave in Conditioner For Wigs is designed to restore bounce and shine by nourishing your hair with everything needed to put you back in the spotlight. Simply spray evenly and comb through, before leaving in your desired style. For regular daily use, apply a light spray of water prior to application. No build up or sticky residue.

250 ML

More info,watch the video  :  Hairsetup -LEAVE IN CONDITIONER SPRAY FOR HAIR SYSTEM-WIG

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